3. English version: Tudtad-e?

Did you know?

There are 6 different kind of assistant dogs in Hungary:

–       Hearing dogs, or signal dogs (9 dogs*) “trained to signal any sounds relating to danger or other important information for the hearing impaired” **

–       Mobility assistance dogs (22 dogs*) “trained to assist physically disabled people in their daily activities” **

–       Medical response dogs (1 dog*) “trained to provide assistance in cases of seizures of people with epilepsy or other chronic conditions that entail seizure-like episodes”

–       Personal assistance dogs (28 dogs*) “trained to do work or perform tasks that mitigate their handler’s disability” **

–       Guide dogs (158 dogs*) “trained to lead a visually impaired person” **

–       Therapeutic dogs (305 dogs*) “may be dogs working in special education, education or in the field of social services, pedagogical, psychological, psychiatric, conductive pedagogical habilitation and rehabilitation processes” **


* Data: 03/01/2017

** Source: 9/2016 (V.12.) EMMI regulation (amendment to 27/2009 SZMM)