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10 things you need to know about assistance dogs:

  1. All assistance dog – owner pairs have a license!
  2. Assistant dogs can accompany their owners everywhere (eg. Restaurant, mall, playground etc.).
  3. The work of the assistance dogs is backed by legal regulations.
  4. In addition to guide dogs, there are many other types of assistance dogs, mobility assistant dogs, autism-service dogs, hearing dogs, medical alert dogs and therapeutic dogs.
  5. All assistance dogs provide physical and mental support for their owner!
  6. Assistant dogs are NOT obliged to wear a muzzle in public.
  7. Assistance dogs love to work together with their owner!
  8. Please do not interfere with the work of assistance dogs! Do not let your own dog to have contact with them, do not offer food for working dogs, do not pet them without asking for permission!
  9. There is a lot of effort and energy put into training and certifying assistance dogs!
  10. All assistant dogs are provided with a distinctive mark (harness, or kerchief with the training organization’s logo).