8. English version: NEO Segítőkutya

NEO Hungarian Assistance Dog Association

Our goal: To promote social integration of people with disabilities with specially trained assistance dogs.

Who are we? Most of our colleagues are disabled experts, having four-legged assistants (eg. dog trainer, special education teacher and sociologist).



TRAINING: training of Assistance Dogs

  • mobility assistant dog
  • hearing dog
  • psychiatric service dog (eg., autism assistance dog)
  • therapy dogs

EDUCATION: social awareness

  • sensitivity trainings (kindergarten, school, workplace)
  • assistant dog shows
  • responsible animal handling

THERAPY: training with dogs

  • for children in kindergarten, and elementary school, for adults in their occupation, for the elderly
  • development / habilitation / rehabilitation, learning, training
  • psychic support, anxiety and stress relief, crisis management,